This was some one of the best teppanyaki places i’ve ever gone too if not THE best! The service was amazing, our drinks always full as well as our stomachs. The hibachi meals come with soup and salad. I love that they offer two types of soups as opposed to most places that only have miso soup. I tried their house onion soup which was great. My boyfriend got miso and that was just as good! I got the chicken and my boyfriend got steak, both were delicious but i’d have to say the best part was the rice! maybe I say that because i’m usually not much of a rice person, so this was the best fried rice i’ve ever had… no question. I got a california roll as well and i’d have to say, I would try even more of their sushi! They also have really good really cold beers on tap (: I’m going here every time I’m in Havasu. – Tori N. (Victorville, CA)