Hi, my name is Jazmin.  I’ve had the honor of being the Manager at Shogun for over three years.  I work closely with my staff to ensure our customers have the best dining experience possible.  I love interacting with our Shogun customers so please come in and say hi!

*** Shogun is proud to have Jazmin to lead our Shogun staff. Her professionalism and dedication to customer service has made her an integral part of our Shogun Restaurant experience.



Meet Bao Feng, Shogun’s lead kitchen chef. He has been with us since day one. You won’t often see him on the floor, but just know he is busy in the kitchen making the magic happen!


Meet Bao Feng.  He is Shogun’s lead kitchen chef.   He has been with us since day one.  His consistently great food prep is one of the reasons our kitchen staff shines.  We are proud to introduce you to this back of house staff member. 


David has been with Shogun for over a year now. His regulars say they enjoy coming in and sitting at the sushi bar just to say hi and enjoy fantastic sushi and excellent service. Good job David!


Hi, I’m Nichole.  I have been your daytime bartender for about a year now but I have been with my Shogun family for a little over two years as a server.  I am so blessed to work for this restaurant and so proud to serve all of my customers with a smile, laughter, and good service.  I always look forward to seeing my regulars and watching new faces become regulars. Come and see me at Shogun for a great meal and service.  

*** We believe it is impossible to have lunch in our lounge and not leave without a smile on your face.  Nichole’s warm personality and extensive knowledge of our menu will help guests that are new to Japanese cuisine navigate through our menu.  She is currently doing some evening bar tending as well as serving until we get back to our regular operating hours.   


Hi I’m Melissa! I’ve been part of the Shogun family for 2 years now. I really enjoy my time at the bar. I’d love to meet you, so come on down and check out our happy hour and ask me about one of our signature cocktails 

*** Shogun is pleased to add Melissa to our popular bar staff. Stop in and say hello. Her welcoming smile and big personality will definitely add some fun to your Shogun visit.

My name is Sheridan Chase aka Vanilla Rice, I recently relocated back to Lake Havasu after a number of years touring many Teppanyaki restaurants around the country. I have worked a lot with high profile chefs and I am ready to bring those skills back to Shogun where my roots originally lay. 

*** Shogun is pleased to have Sher back on staff. His performance  tableside is really something to see. Plus his sense of humor adds to the whole fun experience that is dining Teppanyaki Style.